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Case Study: How We Helped “The Infrared Room” To Achieve 856% Traffic Growth And More Phone Calls

The story of helping The Infrared Room and its growth seems to be a worthy lesson for every business owner. We are excited to tell you about one of our big successes. Our dedicated team worked with the business and made their website get 856% more visitors and got them lots more phone calls.

In this case study, we will talk about the issues the business had online, how our team fixed them, and how everything turned out awesome. So, come along to see how our local SEO service made it really stand out online and get even more customers!

The Background Story 

In October 2023, the client got in touch with me because they wanted to make their business more visible online. They desired to get more people interested in their infrared sauna service. 

They signed up with me for SEO services, aiming to boost their website’s visibility in search engine results. But they also needed more people to call them directly. 

They knew that talking on the phone could help turn interested people into loyal customers. We understood what they wanted to achieve and the challenges they faced. So Rank Safari’s experts started working on a plan just for them. 

The Starting Point

When we first received their website to start working on it, our analysts took note of its current state and gathered some important data.
Here’s a summary of what we found:

  • In October, their business was only receiving about 7 local phone calls.
  • The website was not getting much attention, with only around 20 visitors per month.
  • Their blog section had a few articles, but they were not optimized to attract more visitors or engage with the audience effectively.

Growth After 3 Months

GMB optimization
  • 856% of growth in website traffic (from 20 to 2830 per month)
  • Phone calls increment (from 5 to 40 per month)
  • More local customers and reviews

After working hard for three months, the client saw a big improvement in people calling and visiting their website. Now, they get 40 phone calls every month, which is a lot more than they used to get. 

Also, their website gets about 2830 visitors each month, way more than the 20 visitors it used to get. This means there was an amazing 856% increase in both phone calls and website visits! 

But how did we make it happen? You’ll have to read the next parts to find out the secret.

We Planned SEO Strategies For “The Infrared Room”

Before October 2023, the client primarily used paid ad campaign to get people to visit their website. But when our experts looked closer, they saw a chance to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get even more visitors naturally. 

We understood that getting visitors from search engines without paying for ads could help the client’s business grow steadily over time. So, we made a plan just for them. 

Our local SEO experts did things like finding the best keywords for their website, making sure their website was easy to find on search engines, and improving the quality of their website content. 

Our goal was to help the client show up more often in search results without having to pay for ads. This change helped them reach more people who were interested in what they offered, bringing in more potential customers and making their online business even more successful.

Market Analysis

When we wanted to make the client’s website better with SEO, we had to do some serious research first. Our team looked at what other similar businesses were doing and what people were searching for online. 

This helped us figure out how to make the client’s website more visible and popular. We found out which words and topics were important to the people who might visit the website, and we used that information to make a plan. 

Our plan was all about making sure the client’s website showed up when people searched online, and it stood out from other similar websites. By doing this careful research, our specialists were able to make a plan that was just right for the client, and it helped their business do even better online.

The Challenges

The client’s business is in Franklin, Tennessee. So, they intentionally picked specific search terms related to their location, like “infrared sauna in Franklin.” 

But there was a big problem. Lots of other businesses were also using these words and it was hard to show up in search results. Plus, many other businesses offering similar services were already doing well in search results for the same keywords. This made it tough for us because we had to compete with these businesses to do well in SEO game.

To tackle this challenge, Rank Safari’s experts made a detailed plan. We looked closely at the words people were searching for and studied what other businesses were doing. Then, our SEO professionals found ways to make the client’s business stand out from the rest. 

Even though there was a lot of competition, we kept going, determined to help the client reach their goals and be successful online. With careful planning and hard work, our company aimed to make the client’s business grow and thrive in their local area.

Our local SEO team applied a mix of creating and publishing high-quality content, backlinks, and fixing some technical problems. Here’s an overview of everything we did in the whole process.

Content and On-page SEO

We went through these steps to create value-adding content and op-page optimization:

1. Keyword Research:

Our SEO professionals looked at what keywords people were using when they searched online for things like the client’s business. They checked how many times these keywords were searched for, how many other websites were using them, and what people really wanted when they searched for them. This helped us figure out which keywords were the most important to use on the client’s website. It was like building a strong foundation for our plan. 

2. Content Idea Generation: 

Our SEO team and content writers worked together to come up with good ideas for what to write about on the client’s business. Here, the focus was – what people might want to know or learn about related to their services. They wanted to make sure the website had interesting and helpful information that would make people want to visit and stay on the site.

3. Writing High-Quality Content:

Once the ideas were finalized, our writer team started writing articles, and blog posts to put on the website. They made sure everything they wrote was easy to read, correct, and sounded professional. Our goal was to give visitors to the website useful and enjoyable things to read, so they would keep coming back for more.

4. Internal Linking: 

We also made sure that different pages of the website were connected to each other. Therefore, the SILO internal linking strategy was applied carefully for the maximum result. This way, it became easier for visitors to find their way around and see all the different things the website had to offer. We wanted to make sure that everything on the website was easy to find and explore. 

5. Service Page Optimization: 

Finally, we worked on making the pages on the client’s website that talked about their services as good as they could be. It included making sure these pages had the right words and information to show up in search results and get people’s attention. We also confirmed the pages were easy to read and navigate so that visitors could quickly find what they were looking for and decide to learn more or make a purchase.

Technical Error Fixing

Besides making the content better, we also fixed some technical SEO stuff to make sure everything runs smoothly for visitors. Here’s what Rank Safari did:

1. Making Pages Load Faster: 

We made the client’s website load quicker. This meant we made pictures smaller, cleaned up unnecessary code, and made other changes to help pages load faster. When pages load faster, visitors don’t have to wait as long to see the website, which makes their visit more enjoyable and makes them more likely to stick around.

2. Using Advanced Schema: 

Also, the advanced schema was added to the client’s website. Schema helps search engines understand what’s on web pages. With advanced schema, search engines can show more helpful information in search results, like summaries or ratings. This can make people more likely to click on the client’s website when they see it in search results, which helps the website show up more often and be easier to find.

Link Building

Building links is super important because it helps a website show up better on search engines like Google.

Here’s what we did to get more links to the client’s website:

1. Foundation Backlinks: 

We got links from really good and respected websites. These links help show search engines that the client’s website is reliable and important. It’s like getting a stamp of approval from the internet!

2. Local Citation:

Our local SEO experts confirmed that the client’s business info was correct on local websites and directories. This helps the client’s website show up better in searches made by people nearby. It’s like putting the client’s business on the map!

3. Web 2 Map Embed: 

We put the client’s website link on maps like Google Maps. This makes it easier for people to find the client’s business online, especially when they’re looking for local places. It’s like putting a signpost on the internet!

4. Tier 2 Backlinks: 

To support the main links, our team created some extra ones. These extra links make the main links even stronger, helping the client’s website rank higher in search results and get seen by more people. It’s like building a strong foundation for a big building!

GMB Optimization

local business seo

When a GMB profile is well-done, it can help a business get noticed more online and attract more customers. Here’s what we did to make the client’s GMB profile better:

1. Post and Update:

We posted new posts, deals, and news 5 times a week on the client’s GMB profile to keep it interesting. By doing this, we wanted to get more people interested in the client’s business and get them to interact with it.

2. Custom Map: 

A special map was created just for the client’s GMB profile. This map showed important places related to the client’s business, making it easier for people to find them on Google Maps.

3. Review and Reply: 

We kept an eye on what people were saying about the client’s business on their GMB profile. When people left reviews, our team responded to them quickly. This helped improve how people saw the client’s business and made them feel good about it.

4. Q/A: 

Moreover, people’s questions were answered regularly on the client’s GMB profile regarding their services. By being helpful and answering questions fast, we made people feel more comfortable with the client’s business and made them more likely to check it out.

All These Finally Let Us Achieved:

  • 2830 visitors per month from the USA
  • 40 phone calls per month from local interested people
  • More customer reviews
  • 856% growth overall

These numbers show how well the plans worked and how much better the client’s business is doing now. By using smart strategies and making regular improvements, our local SEO service helped the client’s business grow a lot in just a short time.

Client’s review after the achievement

affordable seo services

Final Thought 

To sum up, working with “The Infrared Room” led to an amazing 856% jump in website visits and more people calling them. Rank Safari achieved this by working hard on SEO, making interesting content, and getting smart with links. It’s great to see the client sticking with us, showing they trust us to keep up the good work. Looking ahead, we’re committed to coming up with new ways to help our clients succeed in today’s ever-changing business world.

Curious about the secret behind massive traffic growth? Let us show you how to win more visitors and phone calls to take your business to new heights. Get started today with our SEO experts.

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