GMB Success Story: A Beauty Salon Sees 4.5x More Business Calls Within Three Months In Netherlands

A strong Google My Business (GMB) profile is important for any local business. It’s not just about making sure people see you online, but also about making them trust you. 

Let me tell you about a beauty salon in the Netherlands we worked with. Team Rank Safari used a smart plan and made a big accomplishment. 

The number of their business phone calls increases from 51 to 239 within three months. 

This case study shows how our special strategies really work and how they can help a business grow. Look closer at how we did it, proving how using digital tools and plans can make a real difference for businesses in a busy local market.

The Background Of The Journey

In December 2023, we started working with the client who didn’t directly contact us but came through someone else. As it was a white label approach, we are keeping their brand name secret. 

The client had two main goals: 

  • Ensuring their Google My Business (GMB) profile showed up first in searches.
  • Getting more local customers to call them. 

Our GMB optimization service ensured the client’s business appeared prominently in local searches and attracted people to their offerings, creating a tailored plan that suited them perfectly.

Problems We Noticed

When the process started, we noticed some big problems with the client’s Google My Business (GMB) profile. 

  • It was missing important info that people need to know about the business. 
  • The profile wasn’t set up accurately to show up when people search for it.
  • They didn’t post stuff regularly, so not many people were seeing their profile. 

Fixing these things became our main goal. We wanted to add the missing info, set up the profile better so more people could find it online, and make sure they posted more often to get more people interested in what they offer. This way, team Rank Safari hoped to make their business more visible and trusted online.

Outcomes After The Work


Our local SEO service really helped the client’s Google My Business (GMB) profile, including: 

  • Their GMB profile ranked at the top in local map pack 3.
  • Their business phone calls jumped up from 51 to 239 in just three months.
  • They received more positive reviews on their GMB profile.

Before, not many people could find the business online. But now it’s in the first position when you search. This made a big difference for the client – they got 4.5x more business calls from people nearby. Also, more people left positive reviews on their GMB page, showing they liked what the business offers. 

Our work didn’t just meet the client’s hopes, it went above and beyond, helping their business grow and do well in the local area.

So, how was our GMB optimization plan and how did it work? The next sections will clarify all your curiosity.

GMB Profile Optimization 

Our Google My Business profile optimization process included the following things.

1. Audit:

Before changing anything, we carefully checked the client’s GMB profile. We looked at every little detail to find errors and information that were missing. Finding these problems early helped us make a plan to fix them. This made sure the client’s GMB profile worked as best as it could.

2. Profile Optimization:

gmb optimization service

After we finished checking everything, our experts made the client’s GMB profile better. They fixed things like their business description, the type of business they are, and their contact info. This made their profile easier to find and more interesting for people who were looking for them online.

3. Landing Page Optimization:

We didn’t just fix the GMB profile itself, but also made sure their website page linked to it was good. Experts in our team added a map to show where they are and updated their contact info so it was all correct. Making sure both pages matched up helped people find them better and made them more likely to visit.

4. Regular Posts and Updates:

To keep things interesting, we posted new stuff on their GMB profile every week. With six posts every week, Our experts shared helpful info, special deals, and updates. Doing this made more people notice the client’s profile and kept them interested in what they offer.

5. Custom Maps:

We made special maps just for the client’s business. These maps showed where they are and cool things nearby. This helped people know exactly how to find them and made visiting them easier.

6. Reviews and Replies:

We actively managed the reviews on the client’s GMB profile, responding quickly and professionally to both positive and negative feedback. Our team encouraged satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, enhancing the business’s reputation and reliability. 

7. Q/A Management:

Our experts monitored and managed the questions & answers section of the client’s GMB profile. They ensured accurate and helpful information was provided to potential customers. Also, they responded to inquiries, offering detailed and informative answers to commonly asked questions. By engaging with users, we built trust and a positive impression of the client’s business.

Off-Page Optimization 

Our local SEO experts also applied off-page optimization techniques in the project. These strategies included the following steps.

1. Local Citation:

We confirmed that the client’s business info was correct in local business directories. Doing this every month with a regular consistency meant that when people searched online, they could easily find the client. This made their business look more trustworthy to both search engines and local customers, which helped bring more people to their website and store.

2. Local Directory Submission:

Putting the client’s business details in local directories that fit their industry and area was a big deal. This made sure they showed up in searches when people were looking for businesses like theirs. It helped them reach more people in the neighborhood and made it simpler for locals to find and use their services, bringing in more customers and potential sales.

3. Web 2.0 Map Embedding:

We enhanced their business’s online visibility by publishing content on web 2.0 platforms and embedding maps indicating the business location within that content. This approach helps easier access for potential customers, particularly those using mobile devices or computers. Overall, it effectively increased the client’s online presence and attracted a greater number of customers through their doors.

4. Profile Backlinking:

Getting other websites to link back to the client’s website was a big boost for them. These links acted like recommendations, telling search engines that the client’s website was important and trustworthy. By placing these links on high DR websites, we made the client’s brand stronger and more well-known online. This brought in more people to their website and made them show up top in search results, bringing in even more potential customers.

5. Google Stacking:

Using different Google platforms like Google Sites and Google Docs, we made a network of web pages that helped the client show up more on Google searches. By linking these pages together and filling them with the right keywords and info, our team made sure the client was easy to find online. This not only made their website rank but also made them look more important and trustworthy on Google, which brought in more visitors and customers.

6. Tier 2 Linking:

Our local link building experts used a method called tier 2 backlinking. Instead of just creating links directly,, they focused on building links to existing ones. This made the client’s website seem more reliable and popular to search engines. With this approach, the website climbed higher in search results to catch the attention of more people online. 

7. Social Shares:

It helped more people see the client’s business and what they offered. Seeing others share about the client made them seem more trustworthy and popular. This brought in more people to their website and store, making them more well-known and successful on social media. Overall, this strategy helped the client reach more people and grow their business online.

Website SEO Ongoing 

As our next step, we are now providing appropriate Local SEO service to make their website presence strong on search engine ranking pages. The process is ongoing and we will reveal its update soon. The entire process includes: 

1. Keyword Research:

Rank Safari’s SEO professionals dig deep into figuring out the keywords and phrases people use when they search online. Using special tools and looking at what’s trending, they find the best keywords related to the client’s business and who they want to reach. This research is super important because it helps us plan what to put on the website. By finding the right keywords, they make sure the client’s website shows up when people search, bringing in more visitors who are interested in what they offer.

2. Content Planning:

Planning what goes on the website is a big part of our strategy. We decide what topics to write about and how to organize the content. By studying what’s popular and what people are interested in, we come up with a plan that matches what the client wants to achieve. This includes deciding what pages to create, like landing pages and blog posts, and what topics to cover. Planning like this helps us make a website that’s interesting and easy to use, attracting more visitors and helping the client reach their goals.

3. Content Writing:

Once we have a plan, our team of writers starts creating the content. They write articles, blog posts, and other stuff that’s interesting and useful to the people visiting the website. Each piece of content is made with specific keywords in mind to help it show up in search results. They want to make sure the content connects with readers and makes them want to do something, like book a schedule or learn more. By writing good content that matches what the client wants, our content writers help them get noticed online and build their reputation.

4. Backlinks:

Getting other websites to link back to the client’s website is a big part of our work. These links show search engines that the client’s website is trustworthy and important. We reach out to good websites and people online to get them to link back to the client’s site. These links help the client’s website show up top in search results and bring in more visitors. By getting these important links, Rank Safari helps the client’s website become more popular and successful in their industry.


The case study of the beauty salon in the Netherlands shows how important it is to use Google My Business (GMB) well. They made their profile better by doing things like adding their information in local directories, making their profile look good, and posting regularly. Because of these steps, they got three times more calls from people nearby. 

It shows that being active online and using digital tools can really help businesses connect with local customers. It’s a reminder that by focusing on being visible, interacting, and keeping customers happy, businesses can become leaders in their area and see big growth in customers and money.

If you want to grow your business and get more customers, it’s time to make your GMB listing better. Don’t miss the chance to make your business more popular online and help it grow. Contact our GMB experts to unlock your potential now!

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